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Complete Brake Repair & Installation in Denton Texas

brake discs pads drums repair maintenance installation replacement inspection denton txThe most important safety feature on your car is the brakes. There is nothing more pertinent than the need to stop in an emergency situation. Being able to depend on your car’s brakes is essential to the comfort level with driving that particular vehicle and a good braking system is one of the biggest selling points in many cars.

That means you shouldn’t trust your brake repair and replacement service to just anyone. Spenser’s Quality Automotive employs trained, experienced auto technicians with the skills to repair or replace any brakes, regardless of vehicle make or model, foreign or domestic.

Brake Failure

Braking systems often fail, usually due to neglect. No car will stop as effectively with worn brake pads, regardless of improved performance or skilled driving. It’s all about the equipment and the care and maintenance of it. Whether your vehicle uses disc brakes or drums, you should regularly check the brakes for efficiency, and though you should keep an eye on them yourself, it is imperative to seek the knowledge of an industry professional from time to time, like those at our Denton mechanic’s shop.

Noting Brake Problems

You can assess the brake pad wear yourself by taking a look at the pads from outside the front tire, looking through the wheel and rim assembly. Visual assessment can tell you a lot about the integrity of your brakes, including visibly thinning or shattered pads, but you can also determine a great deal based on the sound emitted by your brakes. If the brake pad is less than ¼ of an inch thick, or if you are hearing a screeching sound when you brake, it is probably time to replace your brake pads.

If you are unsure of the quality of your brakes, or if you have a different type of brake not as easy to access, you should have your brakes checked by a professional. At Spenser’s Quality Automotive, our experienced mechanics will inspect your brakes and determine if they need to be repaired or replaced.

You’ll receive an estimate of the cost prior to any work being done on the vehicle, and you can trust that all work is completed with skilled, quality craftsmanship. To schedule a brake check or repair today on any make or model, foreign or domestic, call our Denton auto service or contact us online.