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Computer Diagnostics

Denton TX Automotive Troubleshooting & Diagnostics Analysis

computer diagnostic equipment engine troubleshooting maintenance repair computer readingWith newer vehicles, most functions are electronic, including engine settings and control systems. A computer is tasked with all aspects of control, receiving information from a network of sensors and switches located throughout the assembly. The information exchanged controls the fuel, ignition, and emission systems.

This makes diagnosing problems with your automobile more of a scientific, technological event as opposed to trial and error. When there are any engine problems, our expert Denton auto care technicians can tap into your car’s computer, using sophisticated diagnostics to determine the source of the issue.


Possible Failures

There are any number of things that can go wrong with your automobile, ranging in severity from minor to major system failures:

  • Ignition system failure
  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warnings
  • Restraint system issues
  • Fuel injection system failure
  • Emissions issues
  • Electrical malfunctions

The first signs of these problems include a rough running vehicle, an emissions test failure, or dashboard warning lights. To carefully check the multitude of engine components that could be related to the issue at hand, you’ll need to run diagnostics on the car’s computer system, as this is where information on faulty systems and various malfunctions will be stored.

Don’t hesitate to have your car checked for ill performing systems. Call Spenser’s Quality Automotive in Denton immediately to stop the progression of an engine problem in its tracks. You could save a bundle by catching the issue early and applying a quick, inexpensive fix. Speak with our qualified, friendly technicians today about your options.