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Fuel System Maintenance

Denton Texas Expert Fuel System Repair Service

We all have to stop at the gas station and fuel, some more frequently than others, but most people tend to take the fuel system for granted. The function of the fuel system within your car is to store and supply the fuel to the cylinder chambers. Here, it is vaporized and burned to produce the energy your car needs to run. Basically, your fuel system consists of a fuel tank in which the gasoline or diesel is stored, a fuel pump that draws the fuel through the fuel lines to a carburetor or fuel injector (whichever your vehicle employs), and delivered for combustion. If any of these components fails, your car could experience serious issues, including no longer running at all.

Fuel system maintenance and repairs fuel tank components repairs maintenance automotive car repair service companyThe technicians at Spenser’s Quality Automotive in Denton Texas are well educated in the functionality of various fuel systems and can assist you by identifying and repairing any problems found in the fuel system on your vehicle. Whether there is a fuel leak, a broken baffle, or a clogged fuel filter, we can handle the job for you.

Fuel Lines

Your fuel system incorporates both steel lines and flexible hoses for the purpose of transporting fuel from the tank to the engine. Note that, if you intend to replace any of these parts, you must use proper materials. Steel lines must be replaced with steel, never copper or aluminum, and flexible rubber hoses must not be of a standard grade like those used on vacuums, since these will swiftly soften and deteriorate. Also, hoses connected to your fuel system should not be run too close to the exhaust system.

Fuel Types

While the exact way a car’s fuel system functions is dependent upon whether it is fueled by diesel or gasoline, the essential result is the same. The fuel is stored in a tank, fed to the engine, and either heated until it vaporizes, and used to drive the engine. Diesel has a much higher volatility than gasoline (meaning it requires a higher temperature to vaporize), there is no need in a diesel fuel system for a fuel evaporation control system in vehicles operating on diesel.

Fuel Pumps & Filters

More and more cars have fuel injection systems, which means that the fuel filter has become essential to functionality. While also used in carbureted cars, the fuel filter is important to continued functionality of the electric fuel pump in a newer auto. Here, the fuel pump will work so hard to push past a clogged filter that it can easily burn up. Most cars use two filters, one inside the fuel tank and another in a line feeding the fuel injectors.

Fuel pumps in older, carbureted fuel systems, are typically mechanical in nature and are mounted on the engine, operated by an eccentric cam on the camshaft. Electric pumps, however, don’t depend on an eccentric for operation, they can be located anywhere in the car but are best suited for performance when they are near the fuel tank.

Many people don’t know much about fuel systems, and that’s where the experts at Spenser’s Quality Automotive in Denton come in. Our technicians are trained, experienced professionals who understand the inner workings of fuel systems both foreign and domestic. If you think you may have something wrong with your fuel system, contact our Denton mechanics by phone or online today to seek resolution for the pesky issue before it becomes a larger problem.