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Denton TX clutch repair installation and maintenance automotive car service companyWhile most cars are now sold with an automatic transmission, many trucks and sports cars still implement a manual (standard) transmission to assist in performance. One of the main components of the manual transmission is the clutch, and this is perhaps the most vulnerable part of the assembly in a manual transmission if it is not well cared for.

Clutch problems can occur at any time for a number of reasons. By nature, the use of a clutch generates friction and heat, which assists in cushioning the shock that would otherwise jolt the drivetrain with every gear shift. At the same time, the sheer mechanics of the clutch mean that, no matter how good a driver you are, no clutch will last forever. When clutch issues arise, it’s time to call your Denton mechanic experts for repairs or a replacement.

Common Problems

  • Slipping the clutch – Excessive riding of the clutch can cause the temperature to rise too much, at which point the facings will produce a burning smell. If the clutch isn’t given time to cool, the disc – along with the pressure plate and flywheel – could be ruined.
  • Worn disc – This means the disc is no longer as thick and you won’t have the same clamping force by the pressure plate. This can lead to excessive slipping of the clutch.
  • Oil contamination – This comes from a leak in the rear main crankshaft seal, transmission input shaft, or engine oil. Oil on the facings cause slipping and uneven grabbing, resulting in a chattering sound or jerking when the clutch is first engaged. Oil contamination causes excessive wear on the clutch, leading to premature clutch failure.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t the clutch itself but rather the clutch linkage or other aspect of the transmission. Diagnosing problems with the clutch or its assembly can be difficult, and the best thing to do is to have an experienced car care professional inspect the clutch and connected parts for damage.

Once our Denton mechanical technicians have identified the problem, we can readily offer you solutions and help you determine the best way to resolve the issue. Contact Spenser’s Quality Automotive today and schedule an appointment to diagnose the symptoms associated with your clutch problem.