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New & Rebuilt Transmission Repair & Installation for Denton TX Residents

A transmission converts speed and torque from a rotating power source to a separate device through gear ratios. In motor vehicles, it adapts the internal combustion engine’s output to the wheels, reducing the higher speed of the engine to the slower wheels speed while also increasing the torque. The need for a transmission in an automobile is that an engine typically operates over a range of about 600 to 7000 revolutions per minute (rpm), while the wheels rotate between 0 and 1800 rpm.

Also, an engine’s torque output is generally at its highest when the engine is operating at the middle of its range. However, a vehicle requires the most torque when it is traveling slowly or starting from a complete stop. The transmission converts the torque output of the engine for use of high torque at low speeds while also keeping the vehicle operational at higher, freeway speeds with the motor staying inside its operational limits.

Manual Transmissions

Outside of North America, the most common type of transmission is the manual, or standard, transmission. Within North America, manual transmissions are mainly found in trucks (especially heavy-duty pickups), tractors (trailer haulers), and sports cars. Some advantages of a manual transmission (with a clutch and gearshift) over an automatic transmission are:

  • More cost-effective
  • Lighter weight
  • More fuel efficient
  • Better performance

Automatic Transmissions

The automatic transmission has a set appropriate gear ratio that requires no input from the operator. Instead, hydraulics are used to select the appropriate gear based on the exerted pressure of fluid within the transmission assembly. A torque converter is placed between the engine and transmission rather than the clutch used on a manual transmission. While automatic transmissions are less fuel efficient than their manual counterparts and also more costly, they are easier to operate and require less user input for functionality.

The transmission in your vehicle is a complex component, and while any one part of the transmission can break down or lose performance, the eventuality is that the transmission will likely fail, if you drive the car long enough. Transmissions can be rebuilt or replaced, if it is a cost effective solution for your car repair needs. At Spenser’s Quality Automotive, our professional car care technicians are trained on all types of transmissions on both foreign and domestic makes and models. We will assess the situation and make the best recommendations for repairs or transmission replacement to get you on the road again. Give us a call today, or contact us online, to set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable mechanics.