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Most people keep up with regular maintenance on their brakes and tires because it’s common knowledge that these parts of your vehicle are essential to the smooth, safe functionality of the car. However, another element that greatly affects both safety and comfort of your drive is the axle. At Spenser’s Quality Automotive, our qualified service technicians can help you with axle repair and replacement as readily as any other maintenance need.

Split Axles

While most individuals think of axles as a bar between the two wheels (known as a straight axle), the truth is that most cars employ split axles today, meaning each wheel is attached to a separate shaft. This creates independent suspension for left and right wheels and permits separate rotation and speeds for improved traction and turning. This extends the life of the tires and is known as differential.


On a number of vehicles, the axles are combined with the transmission to create what is known as a transaxle. In a rear-wheel vehicle, this apparatus is also connected to the engine through a drive shaft that turns the drive axle in the back of the car.


Whether you have one of the newer axle systems or a classic car with an older axle, Spenser’s Quality Automotive of Denton can aid you in repairs and replacements for your vehicle. We service all makes and models, both foreign and domestic, for axle repair and replacement, as well as other automotive services and maintenance needs. Our expert mechanical technicians can assess any problem or damage to your axle or transaxle and make a determination as to the best course of action to correct the problem while keeping in mind your financial and time constraints. Trust your Denton mechanics to help you with the most important maintenance on your car.

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